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Below are a list of Frequently Asked Questions that might be of some use to you if you are contemplating purchasing an Indic8tor or if you have a question about our products we may list some information here aswell ...

7 June 2011 I am getting the error message ´CAN´T RECEIVE PROGRAM VERSION´. What does this mean?
  We have found that users with Vista or Windows 7 are experiencing problems with the updated version of Internet Explorer (IE9). The Indic8tor updating software uses aspects of IE8 and is not compatible with IE9 at this moment. We have our engineers working on this issue but cannot give a date when this will be completed. You can revert back to using IE8 by viewing your installed updates and removing IE9. We can provide you with a PDF with the instructions of how to do this if you are not sure how. Alternatively, you may have a friend/family member with IE8 who can update your Indic8tor for you. The software is available to download to any PC from the homepage of our website.
14 August 2009 I am getting error message create process error?
  Create process error using occurs when you have downloaded the updating software using ´firefox´. Please remove the software totally and download it again from this link using INTERNET EXPLORER http://www.indic8tor.com/GpsIndic8tor_Setup.exe and select ´run´. Once installed, please re-start your PC and try the update again.
14 August 2009 Still getting serial port failure. I have the latest Indic8tor (gold socket by the volume control). Please help!!
  Please be sure you have installed the driver for the updating lead by using this link http://www.indic8tor.com/PL2303_Prolific_DriverInstaller_1025.exe It is very important NOT to have the lead plugged in to your PC when you install the driver. Once installed, please re-start your PC and try the update again - ensuring the lead is firmly plugged into your Indic8tor. This driver may also be used for some serial-USB converters.
31 July 2008 The Indic8tors on eBay are cheaper - why´s that and what´s the difference?
  We do not supply anyone on eBay with our product. The Indic8tors being sold on eBay are at least 2 years old with a limited database. If you purchase one from eBay, for reliable use, it will need updating. If you do not have a serial port on your PC, you will need to purchase a serial-USB converter lead. All new Indic8tors (2008) supplied by us are updated prior to despatch and require a single USB lead to update.
18 June 2007 I am getting the error message Not Equal SET_ID & DB_ID What does this mean?
  This error message occurs when the Member ID and Password you registered with have not been entered in the updating software correctly. Please remember these details are case-sensitive. If you still get this error message and are quite sure you have entered them correctly, please request them via the support link or email us.
18 June 2007 How often should I update my Indic8tor?
  The database is updated weekly. How often you update your Indic8tor is entirely up to you!! There are no limits on the number of times you can update your unit during your subscription period.
8 June 2007 Is the updating software compatible with my PC?
  The software is compatible with Windows98/ME/2000/XP and Vista
30 April 2007 I am getting an error message ´GPS Access failure´. Why is this? What can I do?
  This message is due to no internet connection. Please ensure there are 4 smaller boxes within the large, white ´New Product´ box on the download software. Check your Internet connection. Disable your firewall/AV
30 April 2007 The speedometer on my car reads differently to the digital display on my Indic8tor?
  This is quite normal.The digital display on Indic8tor is controlled by the GPS satellite and the speed display is more accurate at a constant speed than the speedometer on your vehicle. Your cars speedometer is normally callibrated to display a higher speed than your actual speed.
22 June 2006 What does ´D/L Normal and CAM´ mean on the switch at the side of the Indic8tor?
  D/L - this is the position you have the Indic8tor switched to when downloading the latest database from the Internet. NORM - this is the position you have the Indic8tor switched to when it is in your vehicle and is the main position you will use. CAM - at present, this has the same function as ┬┤NORM┬┤. We do however recommend using the NORM and not CAM.
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